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Build a beautiful, high-performance, and outstanding Android mobile app with one of the most experienced teams in the world – on time and on budget.

Don’t spend time building your own Android app development team. Save time and start working on your Android project right away– IT SYS Company established in 2011.

Our experienced team specializes in customized and scalable applications for Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, Android TVs, and more. We offer complete, end-to-end, full-stack Android app development services. Get a risk-free trial

What can you expect from working with us

Predictable delivery, no surprises

We constantly verify the progress towards the goal, identify blockers, adapt with new solutions, and always maximize delivered value. We provide all the necessary tools for you to keep an eye on the progress.

Focus on the goals

Focusing on the goal results in releasing a product that meets the expectations of both the users and the business, within the budget. Money is spent only on relevant things that will bring real benefits to you and your users.

Delivering at speed

Continuous automation of all repeatable processes, as well as our intelligent tools and methods used in product development, allow us to decrease the time to value ratio and deliver within a competitively short timeframe.


Choose a reliable long-term partner for your Android app development

With 10-years of experience in Android app development, we can help you to achieve your business goals by bringing your Android application idea to life. We will accompany you at every step of your Android app development journey – from clarifying your app idea, through launching it on the app store, right up to its maintenance. And have completed over 30 projects – both for start-ups and enterprises.

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