Business Process Automation

Business process automation has become vital to an organization’s digital transformation journey. The need to automate processes for the sake of minimizing manual work and increasing operational efficiency and efficacy is essential in an organization’s ability to compete in today’s markets and reach process excellence.

Deliver a seamless experience

We help organizations transform and optimize their business operations by providing digital capabilities to automate and streamline even the most complex business operations and processes. We build business application workflows that connect multiple tools and technologies to reduce complexity, operational costs, and time.

Unleash productivity through customized solutions

We help businesses tackle their most pressing issues, categorizing the high-impact processes that are optimal for automation. We’ll work with you to improve implemented customized solutions that have a direct impact on revenue generation, all while focusing on productivity and ease of use.

We depend on the capabilities of ProcessMaker Software, to deliver solutions that combine scalable and optimized processes, centralized data models, and valuable insights — all presented through a top-notch powerful user experience.



About ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker Inc. is the developer of the ProcessMaker Workflow & BPM Software Suite. ProcessMaker automates form-based, approval driven workflow that improves the way information flows between data and systems. ProcessMaker has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times and is currently being used by thousands of companies around the world. ProcessMaker has a network of more than 35 partners located on 5 different continents.

ProcessMaker Services:

Consulting & Business Analysis

IT Sys is committed to providing superior solutions to the customer. Our BPM professionals have years of experience in consulting with businesses and providing them with the right solution for their needs.

ProcessMaker Development

IT Sys is a well-known ProcessMaker implementation partner that offers ProcessMaker development services. Our professional experts are well trained to understand your business processes and transform them digitally.

ProcessMaker Customization

IT Sys offers you customization and integration services for ProcessMaker. Our team has excellent experience in customizing ProcessMaker according to your business workflow and integrating it with your legacy system or third party system to provide you with a superior quality workflow management software.

Why ProcessMaker

Businesses employing a holistic approach to BPM workflow software derive tangible benefits to list a few are:

  • ProcessMaker is Open source
  • ProcessMaker is Highly Flexible
  • ProcessMaker helps you improve Productivity
  • ProcessMaker Aligns Business Processes
  • ProcessMaker enables Sales volume increase
  • ProcessMaker reduces business cost

ProcessMaker Features

Workflow Management

The workflow module helps you to design collaborative workflows according to your business and enables you to create automated workflows.

It also allows you to import and export the existing workflow process.

Process Map Designer

The Process Map Designer provides a user-friendly interface to create complex processes easily.

Each process consists of tasks that can be arranged or reordered; the routine rules and business logic are applied with drag and drop feature.

Dynaform Builder

The Dynaform feature makes it easy for you to add any type of field including text boxes, check boxes, drop downs, grids, date pickers, upload fields, and even PKI certified digital signature fields.

Output Document Builder

The Output Document Builder helps you create invoices, receipts, letters, confirmations, contracts and other printable output documents. It also enables you to generate dynamic output documents consists of dynamic fields fill inside Dynaform.

Document Management

Document Management enables you to upload and create documents within a process. These documents can be modified, downloaded and re- uploaded document to the case.

Web Services Application Program Interface (API) Trigger Builder

The ProcessMaker Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Web Services API is a complete set of Simple Object Access protocol (SOAP) Web Services which make it easy to embed ProcessMaker functions into 3rd party software or connect ProcessMaker to 3rd party systems.

Advanced Debugger

The Advanced Debugger feature helps troubleshoot your process and understand how your modules are working. The debugger opens up a window which makes it easy to follow the logic of your business process while executing.

User Management

User Management enables you to customize your solution by creating a BPM organization chart, create roles, groups and departments. User management also helps to manage user vacation periods, shift work which case loads automatically to co-workers.

Cases Inbox

Cases Inbox allows the actionable item or request that moves through the process from user to user and task to task. This feature allows the end users to interact with the superior. Cases notes can be sorted, filtered and search with the inbox.

Business Process Automation